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Trekking on Mount Rinjani is a unique adventure compared to other mountains. With spectacular views and a variety of tracks through the green savanna that stretches towards views of Mount Rinjani and the surrounding hills, has a lake and a new baby volcano mountain in the middle of the lake, also many hidden place as into following Torean Trek.Trekking on Mount Rinjani, we can know the majesty of God who created natural beauty for his servants to guard and preserve its beauty. Mount Rinjani is the 2nd highest Mount Merapi in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani has become a tourism icon which has always been the dream of climbers to explore Mount Rinjani.

Lombok Rinjani Expedition

Through lombok Rinjani we invite local people who specifically work as guides and porters in Gunung Rinjani to participate in maintaining the Rinjani environment, namely by caring about the cleanliness of the environment especially in Mount Rinjani because Mount Rinjani has had a positive impact on the economy of the surrounding communities Rinjani.

About Lombok Rinjani Expedition And Team

Safety is our priority when hiking Mt. Rinjani. Your guide is a trained professional and is constantly looking out for the safety of our customers. However, this is still the wild outdoors, and dangerous things can happen. Lombok is prone to earthquakes, which in-turn can cause mudslides. It’s important to follow your guides advice if he/she decides the continue on a different path or advises against certain sections. We are constantly updated with trail conditions from the countless porters on the mountain and do everything we can to assure our customers a safe trip.

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